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Tips From Your Doctor

Tips From Your Doctor

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting

This has been a year where our patience has been severely tried and we are weary with it. We are also stressed from either illness or loss of loved ones or loss of financial security or just being lost- not knowing when all this uncertainty will end. We are facing political and racial unrest, all of this causing psychological and mental unrest.
How do we navigate through this? This is a time for us to hold on to our faith, our families and to take a deep breath. One thing is sure - whatever is reality today will be different tomorrow. This can encourage us when we feel overwhelmed.
Here are some basic tips on how to manage stress at a time like this:

   1. Regular exercise daily- preferable in the fresh outdoors- if possible. If walking is difficult, then just sit outside and admire nature and breathe deeply of fresh air.
   2. Healthy diet with fresh vegetables and fruits- Take the time to make an easy meal that will make you feel that you have done your body a good turn. If you can't cook, then choose something from the store like a premade salad
   3. Take the time to reach out to someone who may need a positive word or thoughtful deed- you will also be doing something good for yourself.
   4. Be willing to ask for help if you need it- many people want to help at this time.
   5. Don't neglect your health- get your Flu vaccine and continue to wear your mask This is not the time to drop your guard and get lax.
   6. Spend a few minutes daily in meditation- this will help to control your thoughts and destress.
(Try the app called Headspace or just read your bible or a inspirational book)
   7. Please don't miss your doctors appointments- this will only put your body at increased risk for illness of any kind.
   8. Try to get at least 7-8 hours rest at night. That may mean turning off that TV a little early.

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